The little District that can!

Seeking to re-elect Sen. Matt Little and elect Erin Preese and Sara Wolf in 2020

About DFL58

Democrats in Lakeville, Farmington and Southern Dakota County
Lakeville, Farmington and southern Dakota County

Good schools, clean air and water and a livable wage for all working families. Public safety, equality for all and a robust private sector.

These are things we can all agree with. Maybe you haven't thought of yourself as a Democrat, but maybe you should think again.

We want everyone to work at jobs they love and enjoy their own version of the American Dream. We want a society where we all have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Civility is needed for our country to come back together. Let's start right here in our local communities. Join us.

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

Help us elect Matt Little, Erin Preese, Sara Wolf and Angie Craig in 2020