New convention video explains how to do walking sub caucus

Video on caucusing in Minnesota


A set of short training videos, including one embedded above on walking sub-caucuses at conventions, have been produced and posted to YouTube by CD2’s Roxanne Mindeman, Betsy Lehman and Rick Condon. This is a great example of how individuals in CD2 come up with ideas to help us widen the blue wave and make things happen.

Here are the videos released thus far:

  1. How to be a Convention Delegate – Walking Subcaucus (8:09)
  2. “Caucuses are Coming (7:05) describes the caucus and subsequent conventions.
  3. “Volunteer to be on a Convention Committee” (6:44) invites committee service as a gateway to broader participation in the DFL.
  4. “Good Resolution Writing (5:37) provides solid advice for writing resolutions that can impact the party Action Agenda.
  5. “Navigating the DFL” (6:38) provides an overview of DFL documents, structure and process.

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