Richard Painter “unplugged”

Professor Richard Painter, a University of Minnesota law professor, a national voice against the abuses of the Trump Administration, and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, participated in a frank discussion of why he thinks he should be the person chosen to fill out the last two years of Sen. Al Franken’s term. The evening was moderated by Adam Nicolai, a leader in IREB (the Indivisible Resistance of Eagan-Burnsville) and a director of DFL CD2 and DFL51.

An unvarnished, 90-minute conversation with the candidate everyone is talking about. A darling of MSNBC, CNN and other media for his stances against the Trump Administration, we ask the tough questions to see if he can dispel the concerns of entrenched party members.

Around 60 people showed up at the Chart House in Lakeville, MN for this special event, the first of two such forums featuring Painter with Nicolai as the moderator. This event took place Tues., May 29 and the second part takes place Wed. May 30 at 6:30 pm at Rasmussen College campus in Eagan, MN, sponsored by IREB.

Guest speakers do not imply endorsement of DFL58.

Timestamps and Questions for Painter Unplugged Part 1

2:30 Painter Introductory Remarks

4:55 When and why did you decide to leave the GOP and why not run as a Republican or Independent?

8:32 What would it take for you to become a Republican again?

9:55 What was your role in Valeant Pharmaceuticals?

11:55 What is your position on abortion access and how long have you held that position?

14:00 Have you always held the position that same sex marriage should be legal?

15:00 Have you always supported abortion access?

16:10 As the ethics lawyer for the Bush administration, what did you do to try and put a stop to their frequent ethical lapses?

19:50 As an ethics lawyer in the Bush administration, what was your role in the confirmations of Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court, and do you agree with their rulings?

22:24 What’s your opinion on Citizen’s United?

25:00 Do you believe in science?

28:11 What do you think is the best way to solve the healthcare crisis?

33:14 What would you do to reduce sexual harassment?

36:12 What would you do about racism and police brutality?

39:40 What are you going to do as a Senator?

42:38 What can Congress do to combat the influence of Russian propaganda on our elections?

46:50 What is your position on mandatory arbitration agreements?

48:36 What gun control measures would you propose or support?

50:55 What about a gun buy-back program?

51:26 begins questions from the audience

51:26 Where do you stand with immigration policy?

54:08 How do you think we need to address the growing inequality in the US?

58:00 Would you endorse a securities transaction tax?

1:00:28 How do you plan to surround yourself with people of diverse backgrounds?

1:05:10 Specifically do you have individuals of color on your staff, and if not, would you do so?

1:08:35 If you don’t intend to abide by the DFL endorsement process, why haven’t you made that explicitly clear?  Why are you attending the DFL State Convention?

1:12:47 Why you be voting for Democrats this fall?

1:14:28 If you do not win the primary in August, will you be voting for Tina Smith?

1:14:52 Are you ready for the job of running to be a Senator?

1:17:48 When you say that things abortion access are not the government’s business, is that because you believe the government has no say the way a libertarian does, or does the government have the responsibility to actively protect that right?

1:20:53 What is your position on funding the military? Also, what about the NFL protests?

1:24:56 How do you think we should address Net Neutrality? Also, how do we protect ourselves against cyberattacks?

1:27:00 Would you continue Senator Franken’s legacy of advocating for protecting privacy on the Web?

1:28:30 What is your take on why the Mueller investigation is proceeding as it has since January?


Richard Painter addresses why he is running for the U.S. Senate as a DFLer in a frank conversation.

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