Richard Painter “unplugged” Part 2

This is part two of double-header event featuring Professor Richard Painter, a University of Minnesota law professor, a national voice against the abuses of the Trump Administration, and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, participated in a frank discussion of why he thinks he should be the person chosen to fill out the last two years of Sen. Al Franken’s term.

The first part was held at on Wednesday, May 29. The second was held at IREB (Indivisible Resistance Eagan Burnsville) the following evening. Both evenings were moderated by Adam Nicolai, a leader in IREB and a director of DFL CD2 and DFL51.

There was an overflow crowd at the event, with a audience almost reaching that of the first night. By the end of the meeting the hallway had several people the facility could not accommodate.

Guest speakers do not imply endorsement of DFL58 or IREB.


The meeting at IREB was filed to capacity — several people ended up stand-in in the hall. There were several rows of chairs behind the photographer.

Timestamps and Questions for Painter Unplugged Part 2

2:15 Painter’s Introductory Remarks

5:50 Why are you a Democrat?

7:37 Why were you a Republican?

11:31 Did you vote for Obama?

11:38 Can you tell us which parts of the GOP Platform you agree with?

15:30 Do you agree that party in control is critical to make progress on guns?

18:03 Do you think the government has a role to play in people’s lives, and if so, what is that role?

20:46 What about a robust government social safety net?

24:25 Why didn’t you choose to run as an Independent?

25:45 Did you vote for Al Franken in 2014?

26:10 I thought you didn’t vote in 2014?

27:03 Did you vote for Clinton in 2016?

29:57 How did you vote in the 2016 CD2 Congressional race?

30:36 Do you agree with Senator Franken’s decision on the Strauss nomination for the 8thCircuit?

34:21 Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?

34:33 How would you address our nationwide epidemic of sexual assault and harassment?

36:57 Is single-payer the way to solve the health care crisis in this country?

42:04 Can you talk about how your emoluments case outcome influenced your decision to run for office?

45:24 Begins questions from the floor

45:28 How do we ensure this type of administration never gets elected again?

47:55 What about changes in laws or the Constitution?

51:05 How would you improve the way the Senate policies itself?

54:20 What would you do in the Senate for MN around agriculture, transportation and other less news-cycle-discussed issues?

58:15 What effect has the halving of the upper tax bracket rate since the 70s had on income inequality in the US?

1:02:00 You reject party labels yet you want to be elected as a Democrat.  Democrats are having an intra-party debate about whether to be more centrist or move farther to the progressive left? Where do you see yourself on the Democratic party ideological spectrum?



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