Volunteer for the DFL at the Dakota County Fair!

Volunteer for the Dakota County Fair

The Dakota County Fair starts soon and we’ll be there – join us!

DFL SD58 has a bigger, better booth at the Dakota County Fair this year with an expanded footprint and a conversation area with chairs for voters to sit and converse with our DFL Endorsed Candidates and our DFL Elected Officials.

The Fun happens August 6-12, 2018 and we would love for you to take a shift to meet and greet the voters to help them know that the DFL has their back and are the right choice on November 6 (and on August 14.) For those that haven’t worked a shift at the DCFair before (and even for those that have) we are offering a quick half hour training at our booth in the South Commercial Building at 4pm on Sunday August 5.

We really need your help to staff this bigger booth..there are 3 time slots most days: 10am-2pm, 2pm-5:30pm, and 5:30pm-9:00pm.  Please consider signing up to do your part to help with turning Dakota County Blue!  Come on ….you know you want to get a jump on eating food on a stick a few weeks before the MN State Fair…

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and below is the list of Special Days at the Dakota County Fair:

DateSpecial Day
Monday, August 6:
Free Admission Day
Tuesday August 7:
Daycare/Kids Day
Wednesday August 8:
Military Day
Thursday August 9:
Senior Day
Friday August 10:
Saturday August 11:
Public Safety Day
Sunday August 12:

Please contact me if you have any questions, Thanks.

Elise Smith-Dewey
DFL SD58 Chair

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