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December 18, 2017

Upcoming DFL58 Central Committee elections

At the February 2021 meeting we will be electing a female or non-male-identifying director due to the resignation of a director relocating out of the district.

We also have two openings for female or non-male identifying SCC (DFL State Central Committee) alternates. You may apply below:

Three easy steps to apply for open positions

  1. Read these DFL officer/director/SCC descriptions for 2020.
  2. Fill out this application form.
  3. Sign up to screen for an open position (TBA) These screenings will be conducted by the nominations committee via Zoom, the date is to be announced and then the link above will go live.

All of our meetings are open to the public, but you must have an elected position in order to vote (if you are a precinct chair that was elected at the last caucus you can vote in central committee DFL58 meetings but not executive sessions).

If you don’t have the link to our meeting, contact us.

Our current leadership includes:

  • Chair: Jackie Craig
  • Associate Chair: Steve Quist
  • Interim Outreach Officer: Michelle Bonnett
  • Secretary: Brian Cohn
  • Communications: Marla Vagts
  • Treasurer: Tim Bethke

Currently-elected Directors

  • Mary Ann Arneson
  • Sarah Breuer
  • Judy Hayes
  • Mary Lundell
  • Allene Moesler
  • Charles Niebur
  • Chuck Smith-Dewey
  • Joe Harris
  • Matt O’Hara
  • Torrey Grey
  • Brian Baginski
  • Vacant (one female or non-male identifying)

Current SCC Delegates:

  • Chair: Jackie Craig
  • Vice Chair: Steve Quist
  • Charlie Thomas
  • Elise Smith-Dewey
  • Michelle Bonnett

Current SCC Alternates:

  • Jason Bonnett
  • Michael Meyer
  • Dave Wilcox
  • Vacant (female or non-male identifying)
  • Vacant (female or non-male identifying)

DFL SD58 Constitution

As amended on March 10, 2018

Download PDF.