Welcome to the DFL Senate District 58 Central Committee

The basics

  • Senate District 58 includes most of Lakeville, all of Farmington, the northern tip of Northfield and many towns and townships in Southern Dakota County and Northern Goodhue County.
  • Senate District 58 is divided into two House Districts: 58A and 58B.
  • Senate District 58 has 39 precincts. There are 12 precincts in 58A and 27 precincts in 58B.
  • Senate District 58 is often abbreviated “SD58” or “DFL58.” There is also a Republican Senate District 58 organization.

Our elected officials

  • Senate District 58 was represented in the MN Senate by DFL Senator Matt Little until 2020. State Senate terms are four years except immediately following the Census. So there will be an election for State Senate in 2022. Zach Duckworth, GOP, was elected in November 2020.
  • Senate District 58 has two GOP state representatives. 58A: Jon Koznick and 58B: Pat Garofalo State house terms are two years. They were re-elected in Nov. 2020 and will be up for re-election in 2022. In 2020 DFL candidate Erin Preese (43.77%) challenged Koznick in 58A (56.16%)
  • and Sara Wolf (37.97%) challenged Garofalo in 58B (61.95%).

The bigger picture

  • DFL 58 is one of about 100 organizing units that are part of the state Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party.
  • There are 8 congressional districts in Minnesota. Senate District 58 is part of Congressional District 2 (CD2). There are 12 Senate Districts ( or Organizing Units) in CD2. CD2 is represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Democratic Congresswoman Angie Craig.

Senate District 58 Central Committee

  • The SD58 Central Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month via Zoom at 7pm. All DFLers are welcome at the meeting, but the voting members of the Central Committee include:
    • Table Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach Officer, Communications Officer, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers are elected on even numbered years to 2 year terms at the SD58 Convention.
    • Directors: 12 directors are elected to 2 year terms at the SD58 Convention in even years.
    • Members of the CD2 Central Committee & State Central Committee if they live in SD58.
    • Precinct Chairs (elected to 2 year terms at the precinct caucuses). Precinct Vice Chairs are non-voting members (but vote if their chair is absent).
  • Everyone on the Senate District 58 Central Committee is a volunteer.

Things we do

  • Precinct Caucuses/Senate District Convention
  • Support DFL Endorsed Candidates
  • Lakeville Pan-O-Prog
  • Emergency Shelter Dinners
  • Randolph Fire District Chicken BBQ
  • Dine Around the District
  • Adopt-a-Highway Volunteers
  • Farmington Dew Days
  • Patriotic Chicken Dinner
  • Fundraiser
  • and More!


Our current leadership includes:

  • Chair: Jackie Craig
  • Associate Chair: Steve Quist
  • Interim Outreach Officer: (vacant)
  • Secretary: Brian Cohn
  • Communications: Marla Vagts
  • Treasurer: Tim Bethke


Currently-elected Directors

  • Mary Ann Arneson
  • Sarah Breuer
  • Judy Hayes
  • Mary Lundell
  • Allene Moesler
  • Charles Niebur
  • Chuck Smith-Dewey
  • Joe Harris
  • Matt O’Hara
  • Torrey Grey
  • Brian Baginski
  • Vacant (one female or non-male identifying)

Current SCC Delegates:

  • Chair: Jackie Craig
  • Vice Chair: Steve Quist
  • Charlie Thomas
  • Elise Smith-Dewey
  • Michelle Bonnett

Current SCC Alternates:

  • Michael Meyer
  • Vacant (male or non-female identifying)
  • Dave Wilcox
  • Vacant (female or non-male identifying)
  • Vacant (female or non-male identifying)

DFL SD58 Constitution

As amended on March 10, 2018

 Download PDF.

Connect with us

Senate District 58 includes Lakeville, Farmington, Hampton, Miesville, New Trier, Vermillion, Randolph, Dennison, w-3 P2 in Northfield and the townships of Empire, Vermillion, Marshan, Ravenna, Eureka, Castle Rock, Hampton, Douglas, Greenvale, Waterford, Sciota, Randolph, Stanton and Warsaw.

See Secretary of State’s map.