December 18, 2017

About this site is a site created and maintained by citizen journalists and activists, and is not an official site for any political party or political party unit. Currently we cover Minnesota’s Senate District 58, which includes Farmington, Lakeville, Hampton, Miesville, New Trier, Vermillion, Randolph, Denison, w-3 P2 in Northfield and the townships of Empire, Vermillion, Marshan, Ravenna, Eureka, Castle, Hampton, Douglas, Greenvale, Waterford, Sciota, Randolph, Staton and Warsaw.

Sen. Matt Little (DFL SD58), who was one of only two Democrats to flip a Republican-held state senate seat in 2016, is the top target of the state GOP party this coming cycle. State Senators normally serve four-year terms, but because of redistricting that will take place following the 2020 national census, this seat will be up for election again in 2022.

Senate District Candidate

Both of the House seats, 58A which covers most of Lakeville, and 58B which includes Farmington and most of southern Dakota County. So far, there is only an announced candidate for the Democratic nomination of the 58A side.

Announced House candidate (58A)

How the DFL organizes in 2020

The 2020-21 Official Call

The Official Call of the DFL Party of Minnesota presents and explains the process and procedures for the caucus and convention system, as well as meeting and election processes.  It is essentially the master instructions manual. Download here: Official-Call

DFL SD58 Caucus Meetings in 2020

It The DFL Caucus is the first step in the political activism process.  In 2020, progressive Minnesotans will be working to re-elect Angie Craig to the U.S. Congress representing CD2, Tina Smith to the U.S. Senate, and all members of the Minnesota State Senate and House of Representatives. SD58’s Sen. Matt Little will be the top of the ticket in this local district and the DFL SD58 will be fielding candidates for our two house seats.

The caucus is important as it sets the base leadership for precincts in the neighborhoods, is the place every issue that will be in the DFL Platform and Action Agenda is introduced, via resolutions, and is where the DFL begins the convention process by electing precinct representatives for the DFL Senate District 58 Convention.

DFL’s SD58 Convention

Delegates elected at the caucuses in February 2020 are tasked with electing party officers for two-year terms, revising the local party constitution, endorsing candidates for Minnesota Senate District 58, House District 58A and House District 58B, and electing delegates to attend the 2nd Congressional District DFL nominating convention and the Minnesota State DFL Convention.

About the local Democratic unit

DFL Senate District 58 is a volunteer-led organization composed of officials elected by their peers at the caucus and bi-annual senate district convention. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization. DFL Senate District 58 welcomes volunteers, and opportunities abound. Sample volunteer opportunities:

  • Volunteer to help with fundraisers
  • Host a yard sign for the 2020 elections
  • Host a House Party or Picnic to raise funds for candidates or to recruit volunteers
  • 3 hour shifts to staff the DFL booth at the Dakota County Fair each August
  • Volunteer to help with district communications & publicity
  • Help distribute candidate and district literature in your neighborhood
  • More…

If you would like to volunteer, or have ideas to contribute, attend our next scheduled meeting or email DFL Senate District 58. Everything you do will be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot donate your time, please consider making a small donation to Senate District 58 to help it manage day-to-day operations, expenses for meetings, caucuses and conventions, publicity, and so that it can support its local candidates in the best possible manner. Large contributions are wonderful, but even five or ten dollars helps SD58 reach its goals.

About the Senate District Democrats

The next meeting of DFL SD58 Democrats is Wednesday, December 18, 6 pm, Farmington Public Library. The address is 508 3rd Street, Farmington, MN.