February 22, 2018

Senate District Associate Chair

Constitution Description: “The Associate Chair shall preside at Central and Executive Committee meetings, and convene the Senate District Convention, in the absence of the Chair.  It shall further be his or her duty to assist the Chair in the discharge of the Chair’s duties, and to attend meetings of the State and Congressional District Central Committees. The Associate Chair shall be of opposite gender to the Chair.”

Position Description: The Senate District Chair has the responsibility to lead Senate District 58 along with the Chair.  The Associate Chair must have the ability to organize, fundraise, provide direction, work well with others and ensure district goals are being met.  The Associate Chair is a representative of the Minnesota State Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and should be well versed in the Official Call and the Constitution and Bylaws of the DFL.  The Associate Chair must uphold the constitution, bylaws and endorsements of the DFL.  The Associate Chair must be able to fulfill the duties of the Chair if the Chair is unable to fulfill their job duties.

Specific Job Duties:

  • Be prepared to assume the duties of the Chair.
  • Preside over meetings of the senate district Executive and Central Committee if the Chair is absent.
  • Represent the senate district as a delegate at state DFL Central Committee meetings as scheduled.
  • Represent the senate district as a delegate at monthly Second Congressional District DFL meetings.
  • Support DFL endorsed candidates.

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