Open positions

At the April 21, 2021 meeting we will be electing an Outreach Officer due to the resignation of our current Outreach Officer relocating out of the district. Please contact our Chairperson, Jackie Craig at 612-532-1028 and fill out our application form if you are interested. You can learn about the role by reading through the first link below. 

A female or non-male identifying SCC Delegate position opened due to an out of district relocation. Per DFL rules, if a vacancy occurs for delegate to any central committee, then the first alternate of the same gender is raised to delegate and a new last ranking alternate is elected by the central committee. We do not have a female or non-male identifying alternate. The next male or non-female identifying alternate is Michael Meyer (due to another male or non-female identifying alternate relocating out of district). 

We also have three openings for female or non-male identifying SCC (DFL State Central Committee) alternates. Please read through the SCC descriptions on the link below and follow out an application form to apply. Nominations will also taken from the floor during our April 21, 2021 meeting.

Three easy steps to apply for open positions

  1. Read these DFL officer/director/SCC descriptions for 2020.
  2. Fill out this application form.
  3. Sign up to screen for an open position (TBA) These screenings will be conducted by the nominations committee via Zoom, the date is to be announced and then the link above will go live.

All of our meetings are open to the public, but you must have an elected position in order to vote (if you are a precinct chair that was elected at the last caucus you can vote in central committee DFL58 meetings but not executive sessions).

If you don’t have the link to our meeting, contact us.