February 22, 2018

Senate District Outreach & Inclusion Officer

(Community Outreach)

Constitution Description: “The Outreach & Inclusion Officer shall be responsible for outreach to underrepresented groups within the Senate District, and shall perform all other duties usually incident to the office of Affirmative Action Officer in the DFL Party.”

Position Description:  The Outreach & Inclusion Officer is key to identifying and establishing relationships with district members who might not normally participate in the political process.

Specific Job Duties:

  • Responsible for leading the development and implementation of a senate district Outreach & Inclusion Action Plan and leading a district Outreach & Inclusion Action Committee.
  • Taking a lead in reaching out to underrepresented communities in the district and developing relationships with people that include but are not limited to people of color, seniors, young people, those in poverty, people with disabilities, underrepresented religious communities, the LGBT community, and others, encouraging greater participation in DFL party activities.
  • Representing the senate district in state and congressional district Affirmative Action Committee meetings and activities.
  • Attend local DFL meetings.
  • Support DFL endorsed candidates.


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