February 22, 2018

Senate District Treasurer

Constitution Description: “The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of this organization, and shall make no disbursement thereof without authority or ratification by the Executive Committee, the Central Committee, or the Chair. The Treasurer shall perform all other duties usually incident to the office of Treasurer.”

Position Description:  The Senate District treasurer is, according to state law, the legal representative of the senate district.  The treasurer maintains custody of all funds, prepares checks for payment and keeps strict financial records of contributions and expenditures.  It is the treasurer’s responsibility to submit those records in the required format to the State Campaign Finance Board.  The Treasurer may not disburse funds without ratification by the senate district Central or Executive Committees.

Specific Job Duties:

  • Prudently manage the funds of Senate District 58.
  • Maintain accurate record of financial transactions following Minnesota State statutes.
  • Submit all required financial reports to the State Campaign Finance Board on time.
  • Provide financial reports at each senate district Executive and Central Committee meeting to members.
  • Represent the senate district as an alternate at state DFL Central Committee meetings as scheduled.
  • Represent the senate district as an alternate at monthly Second Congressional District DFL meetings.
  • Attend local DFL meetings
  • Support DFL endorsed candidates.
  • Establish an audit committee to review finances if requested by the Central or Executive Committees.


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